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1-on-1 Nutrition Coaching

Fresh Produce

From the very beginning, our vision for CrossFit Outpace encompassed not only training, but a more holistic approach to fitness and health that included arguably the most important pillar of them all: Nutrition. We believe nutrition is critical to our health and longevity and, in fact, CrossFit’s very own definition of fitness starts with nutrition!


Through our 1-on-1 nutrition coaching we provide you with the education, support and accountability to help you develop and maintain a healthy relationship with food.  We focus on creating daily healthy, sustainable, and attainable habits that drive long term success. 


We start with an assessment and analysis of your current health, activity level, sleep quality, stress levels, etc. and help you log your current food intake. By assessing all this information, we can then create a nutrition program that is tailored to suit your unique needs.  We also ensure that you have the necessary tools to not only meet your goals, but also maintain those healthy habits for the long term. 


All of our Nutrition Coaches are Precision Nutrition certified, and whether you are looking to lose body fat, build lean muscle mass, optimize your training performance or live a healthier lifestyle, we are here to guide you along the way and keep you accountable to ensure that you stay on track and achieve all your goals.

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