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Why are your rates higher than a typical gym?

If you are not familiar with CrossFit, you are likely to think that our prices are higher than your typical gym membership. But ask yourself, what do you get from a typical gym membership?


You pay to use their equipment and, in fact,  you may even need to wait your turn for that! Truth is, most gyms would rather have you pay and not show up at all!  They charge “initiation fees” to guilt you into staying, and many times lock you into long-term contracts so you can access their "best pricing". You also have to pay additional costs for personal training or to sign up for classes.

When you consider the full picture, you quickly realize CrossFit Outpace is very fairly priced.  Your monthly fee includes carefully programmed daily workouts, direct coaching instruction including personalized scaling options, nutritional suggestions, and quarterly meetings to keep you on track. Our membership fee also includes unlimited classes, no lock-in contracts, mobility, open gym time and more!


We can do this because we are not looking for the highest number of members to maximize a return on investment, but rather committed members that want to be part of our community. Just as committed as we are to helping you to achieve your goals.

Do I need to have previous experience or some minimum level of fitness before I join?

Absolutely not! Just come on over. All of our workouts are designed to be scalable to any level, and we have athletes of all levels and capabilities at CrossFit Outpace. We are an extremely supportive community and you will feel right at home here.

I'm afraid I may get big and bulky doing CrossFit. Is this true?

There are two things that you have to make a concerted effort to do in order to get bigger, especially women. One: pick up very heavy weight on a frequent basis, in a specific repetition scheme. This is not something we do. Yes, we very much believe strength is a critical part of your overall fitness and health, and we do lift heavy some days, but muscle hypertrophy is not our focus. Two: eat a very high calorie diet. For most people to gain productive muscle mass, it takes quite an effort in eating the right foods in a high amount. This is also something that we do not focus on.  You will get lean doing CrossFit, and in fact most report they are “in the best shapes of their lives” regardless of their age.

What if I don't have time for this?

You're not alone. It is very common to feel that, due to the obligations of career and family, you don’t have the time to become as fit as you might like. Here’s the good news: world class, age-group fitness is obtainable through as little as 45 minutes to an hour a day, four to six days per week of training. It turns out that the intensity of training that optimizes physical conditioning is not sustainable past forty-five minutes to an hour. Past one hour, more is not better! Build a buffer for your health and give us a try- your future self will thank you.

Frequently Asked Questions
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